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About Sattal

SATTAL is a group of seven fresh water lakes, a stash of nature's bounty and loads of migratory birds and panoramic vistas makes this a wonderful place to visit. A paradise for nature buffs and bird watchers, SATTAL has mystery to it that makes it all the more charming and photographer's paradise. With pleasant weather throughout the year, a visit to this destination away from the noise of cities is an experience not to be missed.
Situated in KUMAON Region at an elevation of 1370 m above the sea level, the area boasts of its cluster of seven interconnected lakes namely PANNA, NALDAYMANTI Tal, Ram, SITA, LAKSHMAN, Bharat and SUKHA Tal flanked by lush green cover of oaks and pines.

Why Visit Sattal ?

A cluster of pristine lakes set against the captivating surroundings of dense oak and pine woods, SATTAL in the state of UTTARAKHAND unfurls the rustic beauty of the Lower Himalayas. At an altitude of 4000 feet SATTAL, also pronounced as SATTAL proffers an unruffled environment with abundance of natural flora and fauna. Calm and quite ambiance of SATTAL makes this sleepy locale in the outskirts of NAINITAL as a most memorable and impressive tourism spots.
A picturesque resort that has got the literal meaning "Seven Lakes" beholds an idyllic atmosphere for imbibing oneself in the luxury of the wilderness. Tranquillity and serenity intertwined with the melodious gush of greenish water and the sweet chirp of the lovely birds unfolds a virtual paradise before the picnicker.
From the unexplored natural vistas to the joy of seeing an array of exotic bird flock, from leisurely promenades to butterfly watching, one can opt an extensive range of pleasantly activities in SATTAL. If the traveller in you were in search of a composed place where you can unravel your true senses, then SATTAL would be your ultimate destination. Embark a trip to SATTAL and discern and extricate yourself from the tiring routine life and enjoy yourself at this astonishing cache of heavenly grandeur.

Places to See

Corbett Museum
Kasar Devi
Chitai Golu Devta Temple

Tourist Attraction

It was established in 1930 by Stanley Jones, a great missionary and a friend of Mahatma Gandhi. It is situated at the entry point of majestic banks of the scenic SAT TAL. The historical importance and fine colonial architecture of this place makes it a popular destination. The famous St. John’s Church is also situated in the premises of the Methodist Ashram. The serene and tranquil ambiance of the ashram provides relaxation and peace of mind.
BHIMTAL is an ancient place named after the legendary BHIMA of Mahabharata when BHIMA visited the place during the exile period of PANDAVAS. It is an unsolved mystery but this place might have been the part of the ancient silk route of China. It is situated at a distance of 3kms from SATTAL at an altitude of 1,375mts above sea level. The main attraction in BHIMTAL is the BHIMTAL Lake which has a small island at its centre. BHIM Tal is well connected with KATHGODAM and all regions and Nepal. BHIMTAL is older than the town of NAINITAL and is considered as one of the best excursions of NAINITAL. This is a natural spring that captivates visitors with its crystal clear water and intriguing location.
It is a striking freshwater spring that comes from the dense forest of SATTAL.
It is a rich in butterfly museum at Jones Estate. The museum was established by FEDERIC SMETACEK, also known as ‘the butterfly man’. Butterfly Museum is a main tourist attraction of SATTAL, with over 2,500 species of butterflies and 1100species of insects.

How to Reach

By Air: The nearest airport to SATTAL is PANTNAGAR airport situated 61kms from SATTAL. SATTAL is well connected by motor-able roads with PANTNAGAR airport. Taxis are easily available to SATTAL from PANTNAGAR. The distance from PANTNAGAR airport to SATTAL can be easily covered within 2hrs of time. PANTNAGAR is a domestic airport mainly connected by flights with DELHI and CHANDIGARH.

By Rail: The nearest railhead to SATTAL is KATHGODAM situated 33kms from SATTAL.

By Road: Buses to KATHGODAM and NAINITAL are easily available from ISBT ANAND VIHAR, Delhi. Taxis to SATTAL are easily available from major destinations of KUMAON region in UTTARAKHAND state. The distance from Delhi to SATTAL is 308kms which can be easily covered in 6-7hrs of time. There are two trains that run daily between Delhi to KATHGODAM and vice-versa. Trains are frequent to KATHGODAM as it is the gateway of KUMAON region. Buses and Taxis are available from KATHGODAM and HALDWANI to SATTAL. SATTAL is well connected by motor-able roads connecting major cities and towns of UTTARAKHAND state.


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January 29, 2016
1 day ago
Beautiful Place to See
Best ever location.Nice sceneric view and in nature.I always want such a beautiful place and happy to visit this place.Always suggest to go there

January 29, 2016
1 day ago
In the lap of Nature
mountain viw is very beautiful from this place.Love to be there.Enjoyed a lot.