About Uttarakhand

Uttarakhand - the only state to have ‘Sanskrit’ as one of its official languages in India. Uttarakhand, often referred to as “Devbhumi” or (Land of Gods) is an amalgamation of 2 Sanskrit words - ‘uttara’ meaning ‘north’ and ‘khanda’ meaning ‘land’ it simply translates to ‘Northern Land’. Originally Uttaranchal on its inception as a state, the name was changed to Uttarakhand on 1st January, 2007.
The state of Uttarakhand which covers an area of 55,483 sq.km. Was granted statehood on 9th November, 2000, becoming the 27th state of India. Dehradun, one of the most favored holiday destinations in India is the capital of Uttarakhand. A colorful society in terms of culture, the culture of Uttarakhand is divided into two main divisions – Garhwali and Kumauni/Kumaoni. The people at times are also referred to as ‘Paharis’ (People of the Mountains).

A culture is defined by its people and people of Uttarakhand take pride in their diverse culture. Religion plays a vital part in the lives of people of Uttarakhand. The culture of Uttarakhand is also defined by their various fairs such as Devidhura Mela, Kumbh Mela and Nanda Devi Mela to name some. Likewise festival and foods play an equally important part in making the culture what it is. And finally the music and dance of the culture completes and makes it what it is.

People for long have been enticed about Uttarakhand and for good reason. It houses some of India’s best holiday towns, yoga schools, wildlife and trekking spots. And then there are the Revered temples, Himalayan peaks, renowned ashrams and bustling cities and peaceful hill stations, all in one tiny corner of the country.

Uttarakhand is a ‘Utopia’ for both lovers of nature and adrenaline junkies alike. The beauty of Uttarakhand lies in its surreal hills and forests. It is a delight for Nature lovers. Adventure lovers like are greeted with an array of activities like Skiing, Trekking, Camping, Rafting, Paragliding, Mountain Biking etc. Making it a perfect destination for anyone and everyone.

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